Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome to Driving Forces

     First off I would like to take the time to welcome you to the official Drivings forces Clan blog.  While our clan continues to grow strong and win wars, we invite those looking for a strong war clan to join us. About us, as stated before we are a war clan who engages in back to back wars.  Anyone looking to join must have at least 50 war stars, donate as much if not more than you request, only donate what is asked, and use both attacks in war.  Sounds simple enough right. 

    So at the top you can see a new town hall 8 farming base layout which I made last week. So what are the benefits of this base.  First off there is a centralized clan castle.  Clan castle troops for defense are very important.  With your town hall outside your base you will give you free shields about 70% of the time.  Clan castle troops are great when defending against enemy troops, especially those which target defenses such as giants, hogs, and balloons. Troops which target defenses will not fight back against your clan castle troops. 

Your gold, elixir, and dark energy storage are at the center of the base which at first glance look protected by a weak defense, which is what you want your enemies to think.  This base is great against Barch, Bam, and Giant healer attacks.  Hidden teslas at the edge of the wall serve to eliminate numerous barbs, archers, and goblins which will attack from the south to try and gain access to the gold storage behind.  The beauty of this occurs after enemy troops breach the wall where two wizard towers, mortars, cannons, and archer towers. 

     The main reason in which this base works well are its trap placement. Spring traps are set in cut outs of wall sections to guarantee they will be sprung by giants, hogs, and others.  Giant bombs are placed outside the base in between mines and the wall will catch large groups of troops trying to get into your base. So try out the base and see how it works for you. Here is a look at some recent defenses with layout. Thanks allot and keep clashing.

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