Saturday, January 10, 2015

Driving Forces VS Phishdotnetset2

So let me just start out by saying that this was a weird war. Phishdotnetset2 was a Brazilian clan with allot of rushed bases.  Many of their town hall 9 & 10 bases had underdeveloped base layouts.  During prep day the first thing that we noticed while scouting the enemy bases was the fact that they had very few anti hog bases.  Even though hogs may not seem as effective as before , they are still great when facing bases without anti hog rings or big bomb placement.  My thought is that they were more concerned with dragon attacks than anything else.  While there are many clans which use nothing more than Mass dragon attacks, our clan uses a mixture of attack types.

I would like to say great job to everyone who participated in the war.  There were not only some great attacks, but also some great defenses.  And then there were some just bad attacks by them.  There was an attack against BJ in which the attacker used all Valks. I don't know if he was trying something new, or if he thought it would seriously work, but it was a bad idea.  I think the attack may have lasted all of 30 seconds.  I was number 18 and attacked by their number 3 with giants, wizards, and archers.  Let's just say he got no stars.  Last but not least they attacked with a balloonion attack but never cleared the clan castle troops.  Big no no.

     So as we break down the stats what I look for are the number of lost attacks, number of 2 and 3 stars, new stars per attack, and average destruction.  First off sorry I didn't get the screenshot of the attacks lost but it was 8 attacks lost for us and 15 attacks lost for them.  There is nothing worst than a lost attack or an attack that does not gain you any new stars.  Good base layouts are very important for this reason.  The idea is to make the enemy waste as many attacks as possible.  While mass dragons seem to be the most effective attack strategy, a good base layout can keep the new stars gained to a minimal against these attacks.  After getting murdered a couple months ago, many of our clan members developed some great base layouts which are very effective against mass dragons.  While it's hard not to give up at least two stars at town hall 7 or one star at town hall 8 anything less than 2 or 3 stars is a win.  

     So as you can see one of the biggest factors that lead to our win is the difference in 3 star attacks.  We put up 20 3 star attacks worth 60 stars compared to 5 for 15 stars for the enemy.  Big gap!  Our average destruction was 86.7% compared to 66.9% for them.  This shows the average percentage of bases destroyed.  One concern was the new stars per attack. For much of the war the percentage was up around 2, but once most of the enemy bases were 2 and 3 starred many of the new guys in the clan had trouble getting new stars with what was left.  

With that being said let's get to the MVP which is Robeena and Legit.  Although it only showed Legit as having 5 stars, both of his attacks were 3 star attacks.  Robeena put up 6 stars and also a defensive win.  Great job guys!!! Well that's it for this war.  Check in later for the results of our next clan war, base layouts, attack strategies, and more.  Thanks for visiting. As always if you would like to join us check us out on Clash of Clans  and look for Driving Forces.


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